• Safe

    Our carriers are designed to be hip-healthy and not only safe, but also BENEFICIAL for your baby's development.

  • Fashionable

    Little B uses stylish colors, fabrics and designs that allow you to still feel like the best version of you while wearing your babe close!

  • Comfortable

    Our carriers are adjustable and comfortable for the adult wearing as well as comfortable for the baby inside! We’ve been told they have magic sleepy dust and your baby will fall right asleep inside!

  • Natural materials

    Only the best for your baby! Little B uses 100% European linen, Egyptian cotton and genuine leather in our carriers! All gentle, safe and natural materials.

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Dear mamas and babas (and any other beloved caretakers too),

I credit baby wearing to one of the keys in helping me not only survive,but thrive as a parent! I was able to get stuff done, continue my travels, and even go on adventures...all while my baby was close to my heart! Not only was the baby carrier SO beneficial for me, but for my little Bs too. I found that baby wearing helped us form a strong attachment and bond, soothed their crying AND helped both my babes take long naps while on the go! We love baby wearing so much that we continued far beyond the baby years, well into the toddler stage.


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